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~Teacher by trade;Artist by nature~ December 28, 2009

Julie wearing tape measure and lights.......creating

Julie's Self Portrait

Hi and welcome!  Thanks to all of you for checking me out.

My name is Julie and I am passionate about life and simply love creating things.  I am currently employed at  Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) in Virginia Beach, VA where I  teach Speech Communications and Technical Writing.  I was born and bred in Tidewater, VA graduating from both Western Branch High School in Chesapeake and Old Dominion University in Norfolk.  In addition to being the teacher, I am also the student, once again enrolled at ODU.  As  a graduate student, I continue to take courses  that either enhance my life, my career, or ideally, both.  However,  I spend most of my “free” time just across the Wright Memorial Bridge from North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks.  It is here that I lay down my head with my three best friends, Willow, Smitty, and Flower.  The four of us share a unique dwelling on what we lovingly call “The Compound”, our little slice of Heaven on the Currituck Sound.  Each and every day we wake to the old rooster down the lane.  I’ve never laid eyes upon him but old I say, for it seems he has Alzheimer’s, as he cock-a-doodle-doos well into the afternoon!  Just about every nine minutes I’d say, sort of Mother Nature’s snooze! LOL

Well, as  you now know, I love The Beatles and writing so without further ado…..

Here a few other things I love:

  • photography
  • my quadrapeds a.k.a my babies
  • MUSIC~playing it, writing it, singing it, and dancing to it (both ballroom and Appalachian)
  • cooking with my Le Creuset cast-iron cookware
  • writing poetry, blogs, journals, articles, songs, and anything else that strikes my fancy!  WRITE ON!
  • crocheting (with yarn, hemp, old cassette tape film, plastic bags, and even dog fur!!!)
  • encaustic painting
  • making jewelry
  • beachcombing for seashells, sea glass, sea stones, and driftwood, and all things considered treasures

One Response to “~Teacher by trade;Artist by nature~”

  1. Roberta Agnor Says:

    I have just now been looking at your blog and reading your haikus and I have to say that I love them! I will be coming back to read more.

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