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Word of the Day Haiku December 28, 2009

Being a self proclaimed “word nerd” and “mathlete” I can’t wait to get started on this little side project!

My Goals:

  • To utilize the word of the day
  • To expand my vocabulary with fun and unusual words
  • To challenge myself
  • To allow myself to write American haiku as well
  • To publish one poem per day for the year 2010 incorporating dictionary.com’s “word of the day”

So, grab your dictionary, a comfy seat, and your favorite pen and pad, as we prepare to journey through 2010 via the haiku a la carte.

Disclaimer:  Because this blog is dedicated to the publication of a  traditional haiku each day, that is, one intended to succinctly and accurately describe a scene witnessed in nature, the “word of the dayAmerican haiku will be found here in a perpetual post of daily poems as opposed to the home page.

January 1, 2010~panacea

Facebook addiction…

Friend? Foe? Unfriend? Oh no!

a panacea.

January 2, 2010~constitutional

Walking on the shore;

Late day constitutional

blows blustery cold.

January 3, 2010~tortuous

Trudging through the wind,

tortuous route winds around

me. The plants are dead.

January 4, 2010~enjoin

The artist enjoined

a strict regimen of words

song and color~HAPPINESS!

January 5, 2010~atelier


Ideas lie dormant waiting

for me~Ahhhhtelier

January 6, 2010~flibbertigibbet

Flitting, flighty, girl…..

Like bats startled from a cave,

hardy rumors fly.

January 7, 2010~quotidian


January 8, 2010~gesticulate

Charades, a family game

played on many vacations.

Gesticulate now!

January 9, 2010~nebbish

Calling all bullies;

Never understimate the

nebbish………. Columbine

January 10, 2010~onus


January 11, 2010~flagitious

Heinous acts against

children…. Betrayal revealed

flagitious doctor.

January 12, 2010~torpor

Rain falling for days.

Sheets of water obscuring

the sun~a torpor.

January 13, 2010~lapidary

Tumbling, rumbling, rocks…..

A diamond in the rough cuts

the lapidary.

January 14, 2010~draconian

Brutal invective,

a morning ritual of

draconian ways.

January 15, 2010~pallid

Pallid, wan, ghastly,

sloth…. a deadly sin punished;

Flagitious madman.

January 16, 2010~countervail


January 17, 2010~apposite


would be, the opposite of

apposite, you see?

January 18, 2010~accord

When in accord with

you, happiness reigns supreme.

But oh when I’m not!

January 19, 2010~perambulate

I perambulate

the forest looking for all

manner of treasure.

January 20, 2010~lacuna

Bookshelf rearranged;

Categorized but amiss,

Oh! A lacuna.

January 21, 2010~bibelot

Surround me oh with

bibelot~ Life’s souvenirs,

timeline of trinkets.

January 22, 2010~prevaricate

They didn’t ask me.

I didn’t tell them. A lie?

Truth? Prevaricate….

January 23, 2010~veritable

We went to String Thaw,

a veritable haven

for artists like me.

January 24, 2010~frangible

Frangible layers

radiate iridescence~

Lovely jingle shell

January 25, 2010~plenipotentiary

Unfurling ferns~ A


God’s omnipresent.

January 26, 2010~evince

Ricocheting thoughts,

she evinced no need for sleep.

A true maniac?

January 27, 2010~panjandrum

The grand panjandrums…..

Usually self -appointed?

Their title’s a joke!

January 28, 2010~machination

The machinations

of the foiled plagiarist leave

much to be desired.

January 29, 2010~verboten

Don’t tell the tourists!

It is verboten to sing

off key in Nags Head.

January 30, 2010~rapacious

Rapacious pirates

once pillaged in abundance.

A ghost fleet remains….

January 31, 2010~penchant


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